Sunday, 23 June 2013

Code for PSY Gangnam Style Dance Icon in Facebook Chatting Window

PSY Gangnam Style Dance Icon in Facebook Chatting

The whole world is busy with gangnam style song until WE made the singer become sooooo rich with his awesome song!! LOL!!

Crazy about Gangnam style? Interesting song. The steps the singer does is unusual but like the fresh song, is it?? Let's enjoy with the song first before we learn about the simple code for Gangnam Style in Facebook Chatting.

Shouldnt your muscle become tired now?? Yeahhh~~!! Now, we can continue on learning then.. LOL..

PSY Gangnam Style Dance Icon in Facebook Chatting Window

Do you want the above icon?? This is the image that will be in your chatting / private message. How to do it?? Simple!! To do this there is a code which you have to copy the whole code below and paste it in the chat window. The code for Gangnam style is as follows:


Hope you enjoy the dance and the code given. ENJOY!!!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

How to Find Your or Others Facebook Account ID

Do you know what account ID is??
Each user is unique and has an unique id in facebook. A facebook account id is the system generated numbers that is unique. It is automatically created when you create your facebook account. This is uniquely stored in the server. It identifies the name of the user. This id is shown in the url of the facebook account when you log in the website.

Now!! You already understand?? Good!!

  1. Go to your web browser
  2. Key in this link
  3. For example:    ""
  4. Facebook Holic Account ID
  5. You can see at "id": "XXXXXXXXXXX",  
  6. "id": "303040946398779", <<-- FacebookHolic unique ID is 303040946398779
  7. You can also check others. Just replace the username with the one that you want to check Unique ID.
  8. YOU ARE DONE!! Enjoy!!
p/s: You may recheck (if you dont believe the trick) in your facebook profile page. Have a look at the address bar or the URL in the browser. It displays in this manner, "" The "XXXXXXX" is your unique account id.