Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Best Facebook-MSN Chat in Java Phone Also In Android Phone

Good news for Java phone users. After a walk in the website, I found a very good app!

What is the good news????

My friends, you can now enjoy Facebook chat, Yahoo chat, gmail chat, MSN chat and others on your phone at the same time, with a large variety of network messenger called eBuddy.

The most interesting fact about it is that you can enjoy using the various Facebook accounts at the same time. So, assuming you have more than one Facebook account, then you can talk to yourself. Like a crazy man.. hahahaha .. Amazing right??

Many more which you can find with this eBuddy application. So continue to enjoy this experience with eBuddy. It is available also for non java platform (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Window phone, etc.)

- Visits eBuddy Official Site 
Download eBuddy to your Phone