Friday, 1 June 2012

Special FB Tricks, Tips and Hack

Almost half of all the sharing that happens online is done on Facebook. This in itself is testament enough that Facebook does the job of connecting people fairly well. However, there are some tips and tricks that can allow you to get more out of Facebook and this article contains a list of some of the best such Facebook tips.

Stop Hackers on Facebook
Are you worried about hackers hacking your Facebook account and posting stuff you don't want them to? Just read the linked post to protect yourself from most basic hacks.

Are you bored with the default blue colored Facebook theme and want to get rid of it? Go change it to something super cool in Firefox.

Facebook Galaxy Theme

Post an Empty/ Blank Status
Are you tired of constantly thinking new and interesting status updates for your Facebook friends? Then, post an empty status and show your friends that you denounce the thinking that if your status isn't cool, you aren't either. Just go to Facebook, hold Alt and press 0, 1, 7 and 3 respectively and click Post. This will post the null character as your status which basically is an empty space. Laptop users can do this after activating the Number Lock.

Subscribe to the RSS feed of your Notifications
Go to Facebook's notifications page and click on the RSS link to find the RSS feed containing all your recent notifications. You can then subscribe to this feed in any desktop based RSS reader to instantly know when a new notification occurs.

Change Facebook's Posted via text
Have you noticed that when you update your Facebook status from a mobile, Facebook adds a "Posted via Mobile" link at the bottom of it? You can change that to say hilarious things like "via Carrier Pigeon" or "via My Bedroom." To do this, just go to PostedVia, choose a delivery
option and update your status or post to a friend's wall. For my example, i'm using the "Air Force One". See the example above.

Know when friends Unfriend you
Facebook notifies you when someone adds you as a friend but Facebook does not notify you when someone unfriends you. If you wish to access this data, you can use Social Fixer Facebook extension, which will not only allow you to do this but a lot more too.

Update Facebook Status from Firefox
FireStatus is a Firefox addon that allows you to instantly update your Facebook status without having the need to visit Facebook again and again.

Use Dynamic Facebook Profile Links to Fool your Friends
This is a funny use of technology to have fun with your friends. Just say some mean things in your status and then include this link This may look like a link to a specific person's Facebook profile but in reality, it redirects users to their own profile. This happens because of the missing 'id' parameter. You can change the numbers to anything you like.

Find Exactly What you are looking for on Facebook
If you ever had trouble finding a friend or a specific post by one of your friend,

you should definitely take a look at the Facebook page on searching. It will help you to get acquainted not only with how Facebook search works but also enable you to get the most out of it.

Access Facebook Chat on Your Desktop
Have you ever wanted to chat with your Facebook friends without opening a web

browser? Desktop based applications like Digsby and ChitChat can allow you to stay connected with all your friends even when you close your web browser. This is much similar to chatting with Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk chat client.

I think that's all for now.. Ahakk~!!

How to Make Facebook Photos & Posts Private

Do you have private pictures of yourself or your family on Facebook which you don't want the entire world to see? This guide will help you change your Facebook privacy settings to only allow your friends or people you know to see your Facebook photos (and everything else you do). You can even customize the privacy settings of individual albums to share them with a small group of people like your co-workers or relatives.

There are three ways in which you can do this. Either, you can customize each post's or photo's settings individually, or set the preferences for specific albums or use a general setting for all posts and photos you have.

1. Choosing an individual post's or photo's privacy settings

While posting your photo or post, click on the down arrow left to the post button. Select Custom from the drop-down menu. Using the pop-up, select who you wish to make a post visible to. You can select if you wish to show a post to friends, friends of friends or specific people or a specific list of people.

Select Custom Privacy Options

You can even hide a photo from specific people or a list of people. This will be especially useful in situations where you don't want your colleagues to see a certain picture that makes fun of them or something similar. Normally, when someone is tagged in a photo, every friend of that Facebook user gets to know about it. So, if you chose to make a photo visible to friends and someone is tagged in that picture, all their friends will see that image. To prevent this, uncheck the Friends of those tagged checkmark.

2. Limiting the Audience for an entire album

This is much similar to setting the audience for an individual picture. Just go to your albums, click on the down arrow on the bottom right of the album whose privacy settings you wish to customize. Then select custom the from the drop down menu. The options Facebook offers are almost the same as those for an individual photo, however there is one difference.

All those people who are tagged and their friends would still be able to see the photos in your album. To prevent this, you will have to change the privacy settings of each individual photo.

3. Making all your Photos and Posts Private

This is the permanent solution against worrying about your Facebook content. However, it doesn't offer much customization options and should only be used if you are sure how you will use Facebook. This is a 2 step process and involves customizing the audience for your past posts as well as those you will make in future.

Step 1: Limiting Past Posts & Photos
Go to your Privacy Settings, and go to "Manage Past Post Visibility". In the pop-up, click Limit Old posts. This is a permanent change and cannot be undone. However, all those tagged and their friends would still be able to see your posts. To prevent this, you will have to change each post's individual settings.

Step 2: Limiting Future Posts and Photos

While in the privacy center, encircle custom under "Control Your Default Privacy". This will open a pop-up. In the pop-up, make sure to select friends if you only wish to share content with your friends. You can however, change this according to your needs but for most people, friends would be the best option. Also, uncheck the Friends of those tagged if you wish to further enhance your Facebook privacy. This will customize your Facebook settings to show your Facebook activity only to your friends and those tagged.

You can also select who gets tagged in your content to further prevent your content from unwanted eyes. To do this, go to your Privacy Settings from the down arrow located at the top right of the blue Facebook bar. Then, click Edit Settings located next to "How Tags Works". In the pop-up, select 'On' for 'Tag Reviews of tags that friends add to your posts'.

Facebook's privacy settings take some time to adjust but once you are done, you will never have to worry about your content ending up in front of unwanted users.