Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Facebook Disadvantages

LOL!! What am I doing? I'm blogging about facebook, but then, I made up this kind of title. Forget 'bout it!! I will post it!! This is very important!! Hehehe..

"Facebook Influenceza" of today's students increasingly feltly. Although many students are not aware of the negative impact of facebook, maybe because his/her name was addicted to facebook. Just imagine, student keep on surfing (Facebook Wall Walking) in Cyber Cafe, till then, missed the courses/classes. What the ****?!!

Here are some of the negative impact of facebook for college students.

1. Reduced Learning Time
It looks at all to play facebook will reduce the time to learn students imagine a day in the cafe just plug the status, comments or just chat as acquaintances.

2. Wasting Money
Accessing facebook obviously effect on student finance. Dont believe me? Right, imagine if facebooking at cyber cafe to 2 - 5 hours when multiplied by days, doesnt it wasting time and money? And the cost of internet in KL tend to be expensive compared to others.

3. Personal Data Spread
Some Facebookers provide data about himself in details. They do not know the risk of spreading personal information on facebook. It is very dangerous.

4. Forgotten Assignment
This is very visible at all if day-to-day are in priority only on facebook so assignment of course given by lecturers had been forgotten. They just put the status of "Dizzy many tasks" how to not only put his status dizzy or comments that are not useful.

5. Health
Too much sitting in front of the monitor without doing any activity, with no exercise is risk for health. Disease will be easy to come. Late irregular eating and sleeping. Obesity (overweight), stomach diseases (gastrointestinal), and eye diseases are health problems most likely to occur.

6. Wasting Time
This is very obvious. Just same like "Wasting Money". Just imagine if its just sitting front of the monitor for hours every day just chatting, pairs of status, or just playing game like Poker, doesnt give any benefit the students.

7. Prone to the occurrence of Fraud
Other online media such as Friendster/Myspace/etc are also vulnerable to fraud. Often times we hear the news that criminals are still in touch with social network such as Facebook.

So... What is my objective on doing this blog? To make you be more addicted to facebook? NOPE! It depends on you. I'm only giving you the trick, on how to make something, that i've explored, and I'm happy to share with you.. :)