Monday, 9 January 2012

How To TAG People in Facebook Status Update

Tagging a person in a picture is very simple and known by most of the people that use facebook but tagging a person or a page in a facebook update is something that many people dont know.

Tagging a person in the status update will automatically include a link to the person’s profile with his/her name.

Tagging a person in a facebook status update is very simple and it can be done as shown below in the screenshot.

Steps to Tag people in Facebook status update:

Step 1: Login into your facebook account.
To mention someone in the facebook status update just type ” @ “ and his/her name. When you will start typing the name of the person an autogenreasted list of your friends will appear.

Step 2: Select the person name you want to tag.

Step 3: Share your facebook status update and link to the profile person will appear in your facebook status update.

You are done!!

Enjoy and comment.