Thursday, 12 January 2012

How to Create a Facebook Event in Your Niche With a Teleseminar and Build a Highly Responsive List

Creating an event on Facebook is an excellent way to build your visibility and credibility in your niche. I have done this several times now and will continue to create new events on a monthly basis. Let me explain how and why this will bring you more profit that you could ever imagine.

The first thing you want to do after you join Facebook is to search for groups that have something in common with your niche market. There are now tens of thousands of groups on Facebook, so search through them by using your keywords. When you find a group that fits your target audience, join the group. Then begin to add the members of the group as friends so that you will be building a community of friends that have something in common with you.

The next thing you will want to do is to start your own group on Facebook. Think carefully about what you will name it, because keywords are very important. You can now invite your Facebook friends to join your group. You will also find that people will join your group on their own by searching through the groups with the keywords they are interested in.

Now it is time to create your event. A teleseminar on a popular area of your niche is best. Plan your teleseminar about three weeks ahead of time, to allow for lots of marketing strategies. Go to the events section on Facebook and click where it says to create a new event. Be sure to include the time zone you are in so there is no confusion.

You will now be able to invite all of your Facebook friends to this event. That it why it is good to have as many friends as possible. You are allowed to have a total of five thousand friends, so pick and choose your friends wisely, based on common interests.

During the first 24 hours people will begin to respond to your event invitation. Make sure your event is open to all members of Facebook, and not limited to just your friends. Wait for a day or two and send a message to the people you have invited. Send a different message to those you have said they will attend, those who said maybe, those who said no, and those who did not respond at all. This will give you an excellent indication of who the active members are and who is interested in your topic.

Continue to send out message to everyone until the day of your event. And also make sure that people must opt in to your list in order to get the call in details. Do this once a month, add more friends regularly, and you will be on your way to building a good sized, highly responsive list.